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About Us

Ambika Publik School, Pundit Ka Pura, Meja Road, Allahabad is an undertaking of Ambika Pandey Education & Research Foundation Turst. The Turst was founded in the Memory of Late Shri Ambika Prasad, a renowned and dedicated teacher & prominent social worker of his times.

The world of today is such that every thing available is of substandand, low quality and highly adulterated. When a child is born, parents start thinking a lot many little things as regard to his / her future, about clothes, studies and eatables. Now a days small little things are of great priority for parents. That is only because parents can afford to send their time, energy and money for the fulfillment of their child's basic necessities. While putting their child in school for the first time,parents have lot of common questions in their mind

  • In what sort of school I should put my child?
  • What amenities they provide?
  • How is a particular school different from others?
  • What is the education standard of the shool?
  • Whould the school help in proper training of my child?

The desire was to provide a challenging environment to evoke curiosity, to inspire and motivated our chidren to explore and investigate the world around them in a free, non competiitve and nonjudgmental manner. the learning space is to be located amidst nature within the urban context of Allahabad. the focus is that the learning eenvironment would be a special place to interact, understand and appreciate our surroundings, the people and nature, materials and forms.

Just to have answer for all these question come to Ambika Public School and get the required atmosphere for your child. Ambika Public School and get the required atmospherefor your child. Ambika Public School is a place where the children are groomed for your child. Ambika Public School is a place where the children are groomed for their better future. It is a place where child loves to come even on lay an emphasis on the development of all round personality of child.

Ambika Public School helps in shaping up Physical Strength, the mental strength, the inner strenth, confidence, personality & knowledge of a child.


  • To bring out the inner talent of the child.
  • To cater to the basic needs of a child.
  • To build strong & balanced foundation of emotional. social, cognitive, & physical skill for each child.
  • To provide innovative techniques of teaching.
  • To HELP the student learn the art of development through better learning,.
  • To cultivate to the fullest the internal strength of the child.
  • To see, to grasp, to mould, to broaden the future of individual child.
  • To Pprvide better & mordern aids of teaching.
  • To Engage children in learning deeply & personally.