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Annual Functions

We will organise annual fuction in the school for the betterment of the children so that they do not feel shy in near future.

Festival Celebration

In our school festivals will be celebrated with pomp & show. Children will personally paricipate in all activities and importance of festivals will be taught to them

Co-Curricular Activities

Old techniques of cramming is no more a need of hour. We in Ambika Public School tend to avoid book worm practice of education. In Ambika Public School we tend to have declamations, debate recitation, dance competions, annual functions, sports meet, fancy dress competion story telling competition And Rhyme Competition.

Practice of various exercises

School will provide for all sorts of exercise to keep the body and mind of child freah. Exercise will help their start of day to be more relaxed.


Different sort of competions will be organised e.g. Story telling competition, Music & Dance competition, Rhyme competition, Painting competition, dedate, declamationetc.

School Assembly

In Ambika Public School children will begin their day with Assembly. the will be given full training of how pray to the Almighty God.

Activities we provide

Here in Ambika Public School we will provide our children not only wish stero type studying but also:

  • Birthday Celebration
  • Festival Celebration
  • Bonfire
  • Practice of various exercise
  • Story Tellind
  • Musicand Dance Competition
  • Rhyme Competiti
  • Monkey and Puppet show
  • Picnics
  • Annual Function
  • School Assembly
  • Senior Citizen Home Visits