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We at Ambika Publ;ic School tend to avoid book worm teaching. We stress to avoid books cramming and burden of bags is minimised.We provide best provide best available computer aids forteaching with colorful classes. Ambika Public Scool helps in developing the capacity & inborn talent of the child of fullest extent. Ambika Public School works for excellence. Our aim is to giveeducation based on mordern techniques, latest facilities & methods. We stress on different methods of teaching for different categories of students. Competition, participation in games & sports, a wide range of culture and co- curricular activities are available. Education for us means development of the child from infancy to maturity. It is systematic training & instruction resulting in knowledge, abilities, development of character, mental power & many more traits. As the child begins his features like punctuality, politeness, cleanliness& obedience should be inculcated in child from the school. A little negligence on the part of the trachers or the choice of bad school can lead to spoiling the basic of the child.

In Our Sholl, we lay full stess on teacher children relationship. Children are like buds, if tenderly brougth up, they tend to blossom like flowers. So we in Ambika Public School Lay our utmostemphasis on the basic requirement of children, We tend to look personally in to each and every single child as individual. We give individual attention.

We in Ambika Public School tend to give emphasis on education than anything else, hence,thje motto of our Shool "Education with Purpose" is well achieved in Ambika pulic school.